New collections (“The Lunyu shu. Volume 6.”and “Featured Items” ) are now available. We have added more digital content to the Documents.

[New collections]

・The Lunyu shu. Volume 6.  (The Lunyu yishu; Elucidation of the Meaning of the Analects)

The Lunyu shu, the oldest transmitted manuscripts of the Analects, is now available. You can view high resolution images on IIIF.

・Featured Items
Here is a selection of our rare books.


[New contents]

・Documents of the Sagara Family:
Added 86 titles including “(名和家老中契状)” and “(島津実久起請文)”.

・Documents of the Tsushima So Family:
Added 23 items, classified in the category of “諸方御内用往復書状扣”.

・Japanese Classics Collection:
Added 79 titles including “[公実集]断簡”, “拾遺愚草2巻”, “古今和歌集註10巻”,  and “類字名所和歌集7巻”.

・Chinese Classics Collection:
Added 101 titles including  “遊仙窟”, “貞観政要” and “帝範”.

・Fujikawa Collection (Old Japanese Medical Books Collection):
Added 85 titles including  “奈須家資料”.