About the Keio D Collections

The Keio University Media Center Digital Collections (Keio D Collections) is a website that brings together rare and special collections owned by the Keio University Media Centers to be made open to the public. The site contains digitalized materials with descriptions and catalog data. Images without these details are part of the Mita Media Center collection.

The Media Centers at Keio University have been promoting the digitization of rare collections.

Apart from some materials, entire pages of rare Japanese and Chinese classic books have been digitized (Japanese books: Before 1623 [before the Genna period]; Chinese books: Before 1367 [before the Yuan Dynasty]). The digitization process has also been moving ahead for the Ukiyo-e collection. Both Seiichiro Takahashi's Ukiyo-e collection (around 1,500 items), which offers a general survey of the history of Ukiyo-e, and the Bonn Ukiyo-e Collection (around 880 items), which includes extensive holdings of Edo to Meiji period works, have already been digitized. Both collections are now available on the website and open to the public. Currently, the Media Center is focusing on the digitization of personal collections and Japanese historical manuscripts (Komonjo), which will be uploaded on to the website in order of demand.
With the acquisition of the Gutenberg 42-line Bible in 1996, the digitization of Western books was launched mainly under the Keio University HUMI Project (1996-2001). Photographing the entire the Gutenberg 42-line Bible, which is accessible online, has been a major achievement. HUMI Project's photography studio is now being used by the Media Center, which is continuing the digitization process of rare books (pre-17th century materials in the case of Western books) including the incunabula collection. These data will also be gradually released online as the digitization project progresses.

Materials digitized through the Google Library Project (23,000 books and 71,000 Japanese-style binding books mid-Edo to early Meiji period for which the copyright term has expired) are published on Google Books or the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Users can search and access the materials via Keio's KOSMOS and other sites.

  Keio University KOSMOS: https://search.lib.keio.ac.jp/discovery/search?vid=81SOKEI_KEIO:KEIO&lang=en
  Google Books: https://books.google.co.jp/
  Hathi Trust's Digital Library: https://www.hathitrust.org/

Browsing System

The IIIF image server enables viewers to browse high-resolution images, and PDF files are provided for the collections below. Only PDF files (some images are in black and white) can be downloaded.

 Collections with PDF files:
 ● Digital Library of Yukichi Fukuzawa's Works
  A search function for the entire text is also provided.
 ● Nara Ehon and Emaki Collection
  *OCR technology (Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.) for kuzushiji is employed enabling character
 ● Collection of Historical Anatomical Works
 ● Fujikawa Collection (Old Japanese Medical Books Collection)
 ●The Lunyu shu. Volume 6. (The Lunyu yishu; Elucidation of the Meaning of the Analects)
 ●Featured Items
 ●Important Cultural Properties
 ●Documents of the Sagara Family
 ●Documents of the Tsushima So Family
 ●Japanese Classics Collection
 ●Chinese Classics Collection
 ●Rare Books Exhibition Catalogs

  List of PDF files with transparent text


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