New additions to our digital collection: We have added more digital content to the Documents of the Sagara Family, the Japanese and Chinese classics, and the Featured items.

[New contents]

・Documents of the Sagara Family:
Added 28 titles including “(後光明天皇宣命写)〔東照大権現改宮〕” and “(持明院基定宣命副状)〔奉幣宣命両使として日光下向〕”.

・Japanese Classics Collection:
Added 25 titles including “[舞の本] 27種”, “伊吹(外補)”, and “入鹿(外補)”.

・Chinese Classics Collection:
Added 136 titles including “無垢淨光大陀羅尼經 1巻 附法隆寺百萬塔”, “一切如來心祕密全身舎利寶篋印陀羅尼經 1巻附室生寺寶篋印塔” and “古写経断簡”.

・Featured Items
Added more digital content of “安政二卯年四五月中實測横濱金川砲台建築ニ付出張取調之測量地圖”and “歌舞伎番付・狂言絵尽”.