Fujikawa Collection (Old Japanese Medical Books Collection)

The Fujikawa Collection consists of around 1,700 items and 3,600 books that were privately owned by Dr. Yu Fujikawa (1865-1940), who taught history of medicine at Keio University School of Medicine. The digital images published on the website is only one part of the collection (997 books), but there are plans to gradually expand the online collection.

(The collection is stored at the Shinanomachi Media Center. )



A major part of the Old Japanese Medical Books Collection at the Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library) is composed of the Fujikawa Collection, which was previously owned by Dr. Yu Fujikawa (1865-1940) who taught history of medicine at the Keio University School of Medicine. Dr. Fujikawa is known to have established the field of Japanese medical history, and his work Nihon Igaku-shi (A history of medicine in Japan) received the Imperial Prize of the Imperial Academy (later Japan Academy) in 1912. Keio University School of Medicine Professor Ranzaburo Ootori (1908-1996) who attended his lectures recalled at the beginning of his book Koisho Mokuroku Kaitei-ban (Catalog of historical collections revised edition) that Dr. Fujikawa would wrap about 20 books in a furoshiki cloth and carry the books from his home in Kamakura to Keio University to show to the students during his lectures. A part of his collection, consisting of around 1,700 items and 3,600 books were donated by his family members to the Shinanomachi Media Center. Fujikawa's collection includes well-known works such as Kaitai Shinsho (New text on anatomy), Chotei Kaitai Shinsho (Revised new text on anatomy), Rangaku Kaitei (Introduction to the Dutch language) by Gentaku Otsuki, Kororichijun (Nursing care for cholera) by Koan Ogata, and Oranda Banashi (Dutch anecdotes) by Rishun Goto, known as the earliest publication to mention electricity. The extensiveness of Dr. Fujikawa's collection becomes apparent when combined with his collection housed at Kyoto University.

● "Digital Fujikawa - History of Medicine in Japan" cooperation project

Kyoto University Library Network and Keio University Media Center launch the "Digital Fujikawa - History of Medicine in Japan" cooperation project and release its trial site from September 28, 2018. "Digital Fujikawa" is a virtual integration of the collection of Dr. Yu Fujikawa, which are dispersed in both libraries, using "International Interoperability Image Framework(IIIF)".
For details, please visit the following URL(in Japanese only).



● Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works(National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Keio University is currently joining the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts,” or the “NIJL-NW Project” for short. The project includes the building-up of the “Database for Pre-Modern Japanese Works” that provides the images of the book pages scanned from more than 1,600 items included in the Fujikawa Collection.

*The coverage of the database differs from that of our Digital Collection. There is no overlapping between the two as of 2020.