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(Pseudo) Thomas Aquinas, Summa totius logicae Aristotelis ([Leipzig]: Martin Landsberg, [not after 1491])

Summa totius logicae Aristotelis

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The title of this work, Logica beati Thome aurea et proficere volentibus utilis et necessaria diligenterque correcta et emendata in florentissimo studio Lipsensi, claims as its author Thomas Aquinas, and this claim was accepted throughout the Middle Ages. However, modern scholarship has refuted it (K. Prantl argues that one passage reveals the author's native land was Spain).

The title also makes it clear that this work was corrected and emended (correcta et emendata) at the studium in Leipzig. This studium was probably the Dominican educational institution (see the entry for IKUL 022). It is significant that this work was not merely printed in Leipzig: those who were significantly involved in reworking the text were also based in the city.

The city of Leipzig was a major centre for the printing industry in central and southern Germany, and Martin Landsberg was one of main printers there, along with Conrad Kachelofen, Wolfgang Stoeckel, Melchiar Lotther, and Jacobus Thanner. The incunabula published by Landsberg often lack an explicit reference to the year of printing, which makes it difficult to determine the exact date that a particular book was produced.

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(Pseudo) Thomas Aquinas
Place of Publication
Martin Landsberg


Date of Publication
[not after 1491]

Contemporary blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards with the later addition of the letters IADC and the date 1620 in black; with catches, clasps missing; on the front paste-down is written the table of contents in a contemporary hand.

Bibliographical Notes

112 leaves; initial-strokes and paragraph marks in red, possibly in the same hand of 22a.

Goff T333, H 1489*, IJL 281, IJL2 364
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